Definition of Advocate

n. ad-vuh-keyt
A person who speaks or writes in support or defense of a person, cause, etc.
A person who pleads for or in behalf of another; intercessor.



Perhaps it was my mom’s diagnosis of cancer that led me to realize how important it is to have an advocate by your side when dealing with the medical system.  But it was my mom’s death that led me to realize that advocating for others is truly my life’s mission. 

Had I not been at my mom’s bedside she would have waited longer than necessary for much needed pain medication. She would have been pushed to take medication she didn’t need or want, and she might have been given treatments that would not have improved her quality of life. In fact, these treatments might have caused more serious complications. 

What do people do, I wondered, who don’t have a family member nearby or a friend who can take days or weeks off from work to help their loved ones?

It was through these experiences that ProPatient Advocacy was born--out of my personal mission to help others navigate the healthcare system and ensure they have maximum quality of treatment--and quality of life--no matter what the health situation.


Who We Are

Advocates are specially trained to speak for and on behalf of a patient. But when it’s a calling, like it is for Prissi, being an advocate also means helping her clients access the information and resources they need so they can become their own best advocates.

Prissi knows how anxiety, fear, anger, confusion and lack of information affect real people. This insight allows her to handle each medical and healthcare situation with true consideration and a comprehensive plan.

With 20 years of experience in the advocacy role, Prissi knows how to quickly break complicated medical instructions and tasks into step-by-step programs that create results that work in the patient’s best interest.  And once armed with knowledge, patients are empowered to make the best medical decisions for themselves.  

Whether your needs are inpatient or outpatient, short- or long-term care, changing  doctors or moving out of a long-time residence, Prissi interacts with medical professionals on your behalf and in your best interests. In a reassuring and focused manner, she provides easy-to-understand information to help reduce fears and gain control when everything else feels out of control. When leaning on Prissi’s tactical, compassionate guidance, you know immediately that you are not alone.


Prissi Cohen possesses a thorough knowledge of medical speak and understands how to translate it to the lay person while maintaining the urgency necessary when resolving medical situations. A Columbia University School of Nursing graduate, she worked in East Coast hospitals where she quickly discovered that many patients “didn’t know what they didn’t know.” Prissi began to step in on the patients’ behalf when they were receiving instructions or diagnoses ensuring the information was easy to understand and possible to implement at home.

After leaving the hospital system, Prissi soon founded and managed the California Chapter of the National Neurofibromatosis Foundation. This was followed by her tenure as the Director of Operations for Michael Milken’s Santa Monica-based prostate cancer organization, CaP CURE where she was able to make invaluable connections with medical professionals to whom laypeople typically do not have access.

In these high-level, non-profit positions, Prissi was often the first person to field calls from newly diagnosed patients and their families. Many times, the callers were afraid, anxious and looking for information they could understand and use to help themselves or their loved ones. With compassion always in mind, Prissi shared information that provided hope, courage and solutions. 

Being backed by such large healthcare organizations gave Prissi an advantage that not many other advocates can claim: She was able to open doors that other advocates could not access. Over time, she has maintained those relationships--and others--allowing her to call on her contacts to help clients today. 

Prissi is a member of ADVCONNECTION and The National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants. She is also the founder of Taskilicious, a personal management company that helps individuals and businesses accomplish their goals. In 2010, Taskilicious was selected as one of the 200 Top Leading Moms in Business by StartUpNation. Her bona fide dedication and drive to help others better manage their lives transformed into ProPatient Advocacy. And, you can rest assured, that Prissi will bring these same founding principles to your unique situation.