Client Stories

“Prissi Cohen of ProPatient Advocacy literally saved my sister’s life. My 42 year old typically healthy sister checked into the ER of a small regional hospital complaining of chest pains. She was sent home with instructions to simply get some rest. After one week of suffering in bed at home, she returned again to the same ER -- the only hospital within hundreds of miles -- she was admitted immediately with a diagnosis of full-blown pneumonia. Within 2 days, it escalated to ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome), she was placed in the Intensive Care Unit and given a 30% chance of survival. As the only member of my family in a position to drop everything and fly to Montana from out of state, I got on a plane that night and arrived early the next morning. Upon my arrival, I was told that the one and only ICU physician would not be doing his rounds for several hours. In the meantime, my sister’s vital organs were starting to shut down and she was in a coma. Their attitude was to “wait and see” if she survives. The small hospital had neither the lung specialists on staff nor the specialized mechanical respirator equipment necessary to save her life. But their attitude was that there was nothing more they could do. I had no experience with this type of medical emergency and had no idea what options were available for my sister. I called Ms. Cohen for consultation. Within an hour, Ms. Cohen researched the ARDS diagnosis and contacted top ARDS specialists and facilities in Montana, Utah, Colorado, Washington and California so we knew all our options. Meanwhile, she coached me by telephone on how to talk to the ICU physician and demand immediate medical attention. She gave me the courage to deal with the urgency of the situation and get all the wheels in motion. She helped me coordinate with the Patients’ Advocacy office on patient rights and health insurance coverage. She arranged to have my sister transported by emergency plane to a full service hospital in a major city. Within 4 hours of my arrival in Bozeman, my sister and I were on a plane and on our way to this new facility with a team of specialists waiting to treat her. I have no doubt that my sister was very close to losing her life. Without Ms. Cohen’s fast actions, thorough research, expert advice, positive attitude, lack of intimidation by the medical community and ability to “speak their language”, we could have lost my sister. My family will be forever grateful for her fine consulting services. 
-- Debra V, Malibu CA

"My mother passed away suddenly while I was living in Washington.  Prissi jumped into the problem with the grace that she always displayed, went to my parents’ home, worked with my grieving father, and helped work with the funeral home to transport my mother to Boston where she was laid to rest. My family knew her, trusted her and found her to be a great source of sympathy and relief".
-- Richard A,M.D., Washington, DC

"None of the family members had the time nor the knowledge to get these results and Prissi’s efforts provided an inexpensive solution ensuring that our mother had the best of care and the peace of mind that afforded us".
-- Jonathan K, East Lyme, CT

"I think, no I know , that if I had not had you these past weeks as a lifeline I would have lost my mind and my ability to function. You kept me sane and moving forward ! Without a steady and sympathetic , not to mention hard working , person like you in my corner this whole ordeal would have done me in!".
-- Pamela E, Costa Rica