Advocating and Assisting patients include:

  • Encouraging and assisting families to demand (and obtain) quality services 
  • Ensuring out-of-network charges are covered by insurance
  • Identifying specialists (in and out of state) and expediting appointments
  • Researching treatment options
  • Preparing client and family for hospital discharge
  • Coordinating, communicating and monitoring care between healthcare professionals and family members so that everyone works with the same plan
  • Researching and identifying the best community services based on the client’s needs and values
  • Developing questions for medical professionals
  • Reviewing lab and medical reports to ensure compliance of physician orders
  • Providing emotional support--hope and courage needed to take the next steps

Healthcare related tasks:

  • Accompanying patients to doctors’ appointments to explain diagnoses and instructions in easy-to-understand language
  • Managing transition from a home to an assisted living facility and ensuring continuity of care
  • Shipping specialized medical equipment around the world
  • Assembling a master Medical reference binder for each client that includes relevant doctors, lab results and more so your healthcare information is always in one location.
  • Assisting families in preparing for end-of-life wishes.

No situation is too “small” or too complicated.

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